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Ayurveda literally translates as “the science of life”. From the ancient Sanskrit language of India and pronounced “eye-your-veyda”, Ayur means “life” and Veda means “science or systematic knowledge”

While the science of Ayurveda spans an immense variety of subjects from evidence based, peer reviewed, case studied, physiological treatments of diseases to seemingly esoteric systems of healing using mantras, energy channels and astrology, there is no question that Ayurveda as a system of primary health care is a well established and credible institution worthy of the attention of even the most sceptical scientific minds.

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The sub branches of Ayurvedic medical knowledge.

In clinical terms, Ayurveda advocates that our health is regulated by three fundamental values, called vata, pitta, and kapha. Vata governs movement, Pitta is concerned with functions of heat, metabolism, and energy production and Kapha, governs physical structure and fluid balance. As a group they are known as the quality of dosha, or imperfections. These three factors govern all the activities of our mind and body and they have to be balanced through intelligent choices for optimal health. The main purpose of Ayurvedic treatments is to establish the balance in these three fundamental qualities.

Ayurveda has eight specialized branches as follows:

(1) Kaya chikitsa or Internal medicine

(2) Salya tantra or Surgery

(3) Salakya tantra or Management of diseases of Eye & ENT

(4) kaumar bhutya or Pediatrics

(5) Bhutavidya or Psycho-therapy including Seizures by evil spirits

(6) Agada tantra or Toxicology

(7) Rasayana tantra or Geriatrics

(8) Vajikarana tantra or the Science of aphrodisiacs